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At the beginning of this new year, I have decided to select a word that will be my heart focus for the year.  Many things are happening and many more are to come.  Changes that I never planned for are opening up new paths to me.  Foreign paths to trod and experience.  I will be open to them.

I am open to change, to possibility, to the unknown.  I will remain open with expectation, with hope, with anticipation of greatness.  My life will be open to what is in store even if it means I need to change mid-stream.

One other thing comes to mind.  When God spoke with Moses in the wilderness, He asked him what he had in his hand (Exodus 4).  In order for God to change what was ordinary in Moses’ hand, he had to throw it down before the Lord.  In order to throw it down, he had to open his hand.  Being open, then, also means I will let God use what I have to accomplish what needs to happen.

Welcome 2014.  I believe you and I will be just fine.

What say you?

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