Life.  It’s what we do.  I’m no different than anyone else in that.  However, today is a day unlike any other.  I’m beginning something new.  Although I live and breathe and eat and sleep like any ordinary jane, I’m going to do so with you.  Not WITH you, literally, but with you in the sense that you can see it all here.  And certainly not live.  This ain’t no reality tv show.  It’s what I do day in, day out.  Live.  I’m a mom.  I have dreams.  I like pretty things.  I like to cook and keep home.  I like to hear the laughter of my children.  I like to take pictures.  I like the smell of rain in the air before it arrives.  I like the cycle of the year and seeing the rebirth of all things living in the spring.

I enjoy life.  I see it’s beauty in the ordinary.  And it makes me grateful.

What say you?

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